The Haunting of Harrowstone

Professor Petros Lorrimor—renowned explorer, lecturer, and teacher—has died. But was his death truly a misadventure, or is some sinister force at work—one that reaches out from the depths of the long-haunted ruins of Harrowstone?

Pharasman Inqusitor Sutter Wellman must join forces with Professor Lorrimor’s daughter Kendra to unearth the evils of the past, lest they consume the innocents of the present!

Much of the information contained in this website comes from Paizo’s Carrion Crown Adventure Path and associated Golarion world and rulebooks. It is presented and compiled herein solely for the benefit and reference of the GM and player, and is not intended to act as a challenge to copyright. To those who are interested in playing this adventure path, I say only go forth and buy, for it is well worth the coin.

The Carrion Crown: Dark Tales of Ustalav